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Medical Cannabis & Recreational Dispensaries in Avalon

I've had the opportunity to see the effects of cannabis use first-hand - in the general public for recreational use, in people who are going through cancer/chemo treatment, and in those who choose to self-medicate with it. I am thankful that Carl has opened his delivery service for members of the community who will benefit from being able to get safe medical cannabinoid treatment without having to extend their time or stress on the mainland. I've seen how much it can help alleviate physical illness and know that it has been the one thing that has made life bearable and/or liveable in the gaps between treatment and recovery for many locals. For its medicinal purposes that reach back through centuries of use, I appreciate it as an alternative and more commonly prescribed treatment.

I am honestly uncertain about supporting or denying recreational dispensaries or delivery in town. Seeing operations in places like Seattle - I know it can be done respectfully and with the utmost oversight and security where it may be in the city's financial interest to allow or support a business like that to operate. That being said, I've also seen the devastation cannabis can cause or exacerbate in some people, especially in teens and young adults, who overuse or misuse it to combat mental health challenges, anxiety, depression, and a host of other issues that feel too great to bear otherwise. Any approval would need to be coupled with payment into programs addressing underlying mental health challenges along with any increased law enforcement and/or mental health specialist needed to address the change in our town, if it were to happen. I'm very interested to see how the community votes in the upcoming election on Measures E & F - I think any decision that significant must be made with the community's preference in mind.

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